Hi, my name is Anchor Lund, but I go by Synnota usually on the internet.
I’m a college student at the moment of writing this description, and am aiming to major in English, specifically creative writing. I’m a huge fan of fantasy, mythologies, and magic. The way I see it, why should I confine myself to just this world, when I can see, create, and experience other worlds in stories and fables? When it comes to fantasy, one doesn’t have to feel limited, they can be free to think and use their imagination to explore or create a world unseen! In a sense, I guess I’m still a child at heart… But hey, I’m fine with being a man child, because at least I’m living a happy life.

In my free time, I dabble in writing creative fantasy narratives and stories, as well as digital anthropomorphic art. My kind of motto to life is simply to try and live a creative life! That being said, I wouldn’t really call myself a professional, I am merely a student who tries his best to be his best. Additionally, I dabble in playing video games, typically RPGs and FPS games (though I enjoy basically every genre).

While this blog is initially for classes that I am taking at university, I probably will also use it for personal thoughts, ideas, reviews, and what-have-yous that I just feel like sharing with the world (sharing is caring, right?).
What you should probably expect from this blog is nothing really, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Yes, I will be posting blogs here; what I mean is that I will probably just write about what is on my mind when I can, while I might also write about what I must for any academic assignments. As such, the results of what I write about could be just about anything.