The Semester in Hindsight

Blogging this semester has been a good outlet of catharsis this semester. When I first had heard that I was going to have to start blogging, I was extremely unsure of how it would go. What would I write about? Is there anything I can say without offending people? How cringe worthy am I going to have to get before I get a passing grade? Oh dear god, and I’m being assigned more work?!

Of course, it wasn’t too bad because the whole semester was full of random happenings and feelings that gave me almost too much to talk about at times… So as I said earlier, it was very cathartic. I began to love and enjoy the times I got to write an open-ended blog (as opposed to blogs with prompts) because it became an outlet where I could express myself and my current thoughts and feelings. I was allowed to just be myself and write in a relaxed manner (kind of like now? I’m not sure; this last blog is following a prompt at this moment, so maybe not). When it came to the assigned blog posts, I was honestly never a fan of them. It wasn’t because they were bad, merely that they were extremely academic, which didn’t mirror much of the relaxed and open-ended blogs I wrote. Despite that, I find that blogging was nice and is still kind of nice and I might even continue writing blogs after  I’m done with this course.

One of the major takeaways from blogging this semester was just getting my thoughts out there for others to see. Even though I enjoyed the open-ended blogs more, it did feel awkward at first just talking about my life, things I’m passionate about, and/or about moments I wasn’t feeling good to strangers. But it began to feel easier the more I did it, and I actually liked seeing the feedback or thoughts people would comment to me on my open-ended blogs!

So with that note, I will end this blog post with some cool music! Check out this album by Wintergatan!


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