Reflection on Publishing

Per this week’s assigned blog post, my discussion will be focused on a video I found on publishing and marketing books (or rather, the mistakes people make while publishing and marketing books).

So first off, I actually thought this video was great. I recently did a research paper on publishing and what is the best way to get published, where I weighed pros and cons of different forms of publishing, and I wish I had seen this video because I feel like it would have been a nice source to add to my list of other sources. Anyway, the overall idea behind this video (as seen in its title) is the top 6 mistakes people make while self-publishing, which she lists as follows:
1. Refusing to hire a structure or general editor,
2. Not hiring a line editor or copyeditor,
3. Not shelling out for a barcode and ISBN,
4. Skimping on a cover design for your book,
5. Bad (or inefficient) Marketing,
6. Pretending your book is not a “real book” (because you self-published it).
However,  I feel that while there are 6 ideas behind this video, there are 2 overarching ideas that are the central suggestions to most of this video.

The first of these overarching suggestions in this video has to do with editing and proof-reading one’s work and to look outside of one’s self for critiques on writing. It is recommended that one should look to an editor or some other form of proof-reader for to help revise ideas and get criticism on it. The reason this is important is because an author might have an idea in mind, but that idea might not be coming across in a way that the author intends. Thus, it is recommended to seek and listen to whatever criticism one gets on a piece of writing before getting it published.

The second of the suggestions from this video deals with the presentation of the book, though this could also be seen as marketing. The lady in the video states the fact right away in section 4 of her video, that people judge books by their covers, and as that is what people are always going to see when they look to your book, it should be a good cover. Additionally, she mentions that many authors typically skimp out on marketing and the issue the is that when it comes to this point, many writers just say “oh hey, my book is published go buy it.” and expect that to work, but it requires more than that. She suggests that people need to go out and do more (despite it being annoying or awkward at times).

Of course, lady in the video has her 6 points that she covers, but the way that I saw this video, it seemed like the two pinnacle ideas behind the video  were proof-reading before publishing so that one’s work is the best, and actually going forward and doing the marketing instead of skimping out and being lazy.


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