If I told you…

This blog is going to be a bit of an odd one, as it’s going to a conglomeration of many blog ideas I’ve wanted to cover in the past couple weeks, but haven’t due to other circumstances… So rather than simply giving up on the ideas, I thought I’d cover them all in small snippet paragraphs.

There’s nothing like the site of seeing a face you recognize and have known for a very long time. On a daily basis, you forget how special a face can really be, for, after a prolonged time, even just the sight of it can alter one’s views of the world. Would you believe if I told you that I’ve been trying to find those faces? I know you wouldn’t believe me at if I told you how many times my heart has begun to flutter with sudden joy, because for one second, I had thought that I saw my best friend from home or my brother. But no, it never is those faces, it’s merely the faces of strangers. Was it the eyebrows I wonder, maybe the nose? Or the way that her hair falls down over her forehead and cover the side of her face. Or that man’s smile. I see all these fragmented pieces of the faces I know, but they never are the faces I hope for.

I’ve eluded to this story in the past, and have found the desire to find what scraps of notes and chapters I could save to then begin writing this story. I wrote it when I was 12, going on 13, and I know that after skimming at some of the ideas in it, there is so much potential to the story that could make for a good children’s book (which is honestly one of my life goals). I just wish there was more time to write it…

Magic’s Tyranny-
Like Nightfall, this is another of the stories I started writing in my youth. The only difference is that I delayed working on this story because I knew I wasn’t mature enough to write on the ideas I had been wanting to write on. This story was started around the idea of finding that one has an uncontrolled power of sorts that NEEDS to be used, and yet is being hated for having to use it (a very youthful idea), but as it evolved, it turned more into a commentary on people, power, love, God and godhood, sacrifice, and questioning what makes good truly good, while evil truly evil, assuming such things truly are real… The genre typically would be labeled as Dark Fantasy, in that it was going to take a gruesome approach to asking all that I wish to ponder and give thought into. But as I said earlier, I gave this story up because I didn’t feel I was mature or knowledged enough to give life and meaning to my ideas or words… (plus I was lazy)
This is all to say that I’m wishing I had time to write this story as well at some point…

A Bad Week-
So other than my cat dying last weekend and attempting to cope through that while focusing on assignments, my luck went downhill even further, in that while trying to go shopping right before the store could close because I don’t have enough time to go shopping during the day, my car broke down in the middle of the road. So after pushing my car into a parking lot and trying to figure out what might be wrong with it for an hour, I ended up having to abandon and walk a mile back to campus; when I returned, it was 11-ish. The next morning, I got up at 7 and went back to my car to try fixing it before class. I thought that maybe it was my battery, so I decided to unhook that and carry the 40-pound bugger a three or four blocks to get a new one, and then walked that new one back to my car. Alas, after hooking it up, it turned out that the battery was not the issue, even though it was something else electrical according to my dashboard. So basically I wasted $130 for nothing… Anyway, it was around 11 when I finally decided to get ahold of a tow truck, which was an additional $50, and asked him to tow my car away to a mechanic shop, where I found out that my car had other issues that would cost another $600…
Thankfully, because I have parents who could help pay for some of this, my car is fixed now… Still, they say that people are challenged with issues such as these to prep them for completely horrible things… So now I’m wondering what and when the worst is to come. Maybe finals week?

Oh, the Election-
I voted for myself; obviously, I didn’t win the presidential election. To some, I am a complete and total sinner for ruining this country because Trump is now our wonderful dictator- I mean president. I’ll freely admit that I did not support either candidate, which is why I ended up voting for myself. I just couldn’t live with myself if I had voted for either of the candidates, knowing that I had contributed the U.S.’s problems.
Anyway, that point aside, while I know people keep saying that I, as a straight white male, have no right to tell people this, I do believe people need to calm down about this election. Every single election that I can remember has turned out exactly the way this election has, with riots and petitions for states to leave the U.S. and so on going on… But this year, it seems like things are going to an almost excessive extreme.
Because I don’t want to go into the extreme details here, I’ll just post a video that shares somewhat similar views to my own on this whole election business. Warning, there is some pretty strong language in this piece.

I could give a few more short blog post paragraph things… but right now it’s like 1 in the morning, and I’m kind of feeling sleepy, so I’m gonna just end this blog here. So yeah! Night for now, and I’ll probably do a similar blog post for my next open-ended blog.


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