Creative Collaboration

So earlier this week, my class had a fun creative project that we did in class where we paired up with another student and collaborated in the creation of a story (somewhat).

The way that it worked, was that we had spent 3 minutes writing about the feeling, scenery, and idea behind a story, such as genre, where it is set, and so on. Then we spent another 3 minutes working on the characters of the story, and then finally another 3 minutes on the conflict of the piece. Once we had this, we were then paired off with other students, and then we interviewed each other about what the other’s story was about. After the interview, we then were in charge of the other person’s story, and we illustrated their story through a comic of sorts. Once that was complete, we then interviewed each other once more about the story we created off of the information we had got and explained our comics. And that was the whole creative collaboration process.

I thought it was a very fun and enjoyable project/assignment. My issue with it was that it didn’t really feel collaborative; it felt more like a peer editing phase, or like a brainstorming session. The major bulk of what each of our stories had was done on our own, and then when it came to the interview and the illustration, the stories didn’t change all too much. What this means to me is that either my teammate and I had clear ideas for our stories and were able to communicate that well to the other, or there wasn’t that much collaboration to this project.

If I were to suggest one way to improve this assignment, I would make it almost like mad-libs, or something where a person writes characters, another writes scene/feeling/idea, while the other writes the conflict; and then the idea is melded together.

With that being said and done now, overall, I did like this assignment and I found it to be a whimsically fun point to my day (as recently I haven’t had much time to be extremely creative in my writing, or write fiction). Thus, I would say it was at least a good and fun assignment that acted more like a break from more heavy thought provoking discussions.


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